Anoto FDK language pack?


I'm supporting an existing client that are using the older version of FDK and HWR, i.e. using MyScript.dll as the handwriting recognition. Currently what we have with them are only the basic English and Chinese language pack. Is the other language packs still available to be downloaded for the older FDK?


FDK/FDT don't have language packs.
MyScript is a third party software. They offer extra language packs for their tools (check their support).

In Adobe Acobat (FDT used as plugin) you are able to change language. However, it differs between the versions, check Acrobat support (or google it).

For version Acrobat XI:
1. Go to Programs and features (called Add remove/programs in Windows XP). Select Acrobat.
2. Click on Change button next to Uninstall option. Acrobat setup dialog will be launched.
3. Select Modify option in Acrobat setup dialog.
4. In the dropdown list select View Adobe PDF.
5. Select the desired language support.
6. Install the required language packs.
7. At next run of Acrobat you can change the language.

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