Windows SDK - Questions on penConnected and penDisconnected events for LP1 and LP2

Can we use "PenNotification" event for LP1 and LP2? 
Our understanding is that "PenNotification" event occurs when pidget (Send to PC) is ticked. Is this correct? 
What instance(s) can issue "PenNotification" other than the pidget (Send to PC)? 
Please let us know the exact time of occurring "PenDisconnected" after issuing "PenConnected"

LP1 doesn't work as a Bluetooth pen, so you won't get any connect or disconnect events for LP1 via Bluetooth. When the Send-pidget is ticked with an LP1 it does an OBEX push which means that data is sent to PC. PenDirector is only able to handle BT OBEX requests.

If you connect an LP2 pen to USB it is disconnected from Bluetooth. 
LP2 disconnects (over Bluetooth) by default after 60 seconds of inactivity.
We don't have any API to disconnect pens via Bluetooth in PAF. 

It could be done according to:

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