Android SDK - PenAccessClientApp.apk on mobile showing Waiting for Pidget notification for long time

When using PenAccessClientApp.apk the screen didn't transition from "waiting forPidget notification..." even though the pen had return "success".

Pen: ADP201 (FW: 7C)
Pidget: Send All Encrypted Forms to phone - d (10x10mm)-L254-T2035  (Anoto_Live_SDK_For_Android_1.2.3.52.msi)

Customer tried "PenAccessClientApp.apk" included in the Anoto_Live_SDK_For_Android_1.2.3.52.msi and a sample for test.
They report that sending error occurred while ticking the pidget though Bluetooth had paired successfully. 
According to them, screen doesn't transit from "waiting for Pidget notification...", and the menus, "Data/Info/Status/Settings" behind the screen, are inoperable.

It does work, in that it did retrieve the PGC data from the pen. The sample app should store the retrieved PGC data to a file on the phone’s SD card. The ‘Waiting for Pidget Notification’ only disappears whilst a connection is active.
In the case of the DP-201 this is very short. As the connection comes up, data is retrieved and the pen disconnects immediately.
The LP2 however, connects, data is retrieved and the connection stays active for about 60 seconds before the pen disconnects.

So this normal behavior for the DP-201, where the Info/Status/Settings tabs will not be available as this is not a part of the DP-201 communication protocol.

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