Anoto Live Forms for Mobile - Previous forms filled with the pen are not getting submitted through the mobile app

We have noticed that the ALF mobile app is sending only the last form filled out when ticked on SEND box by the pen. Previous forms filled by the same pen that haven’t been ticked on the SEND box are not picked up by the mobile app and submitted together. In this case, pen users who have not ticked the SEND box on the forms do not get the forms submitted. They get submitted only when the previous forms are ticked on the SEND Box.

However, if the pen is docked on the computer, all pen data including previous forms get submitted. Why do we get this issue on Formidable mobile App?

When docking a pen, all data is removed from the pen and sent to the server - this process does not require the send pidget to be ticked.

When submitting via a mobile, the send pidget of EACH form MUST be ticked for the data to be sent to and processed by the server. There is currently no way around this.

ALF forms are printed with the "send book to phone" pidget, which sends all pages of a given book to the phone and subsequently to the server. The server works out the page that had it's send pidget ticked, processes that form and stashes any other data for later on when other send pidgets are ticked that belong to that book.

Whilst Anoto does provide a "send all to phone" pidget, the ALF platform does not currently support this.

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