ALF - API service: Command for endpoint no longer functioning in ALF 4.5

We have some scripts that interact with the Live Forms server using the API service. When we originally wrote our code to the 3.5 platform API we were given instructions to use the endpoint at: https:// /liveforms/appserver/rpc/amfphp/json.php/ViewerService. >/liveforms/appserver/rpc/amfphp/json.php/ViewerService.<method>.

This endpoint is no longer valid for the 4.5 version. Is there an updated path we should be using or has this functionality been replaced?

Later versions of ALF use a newer version of amfphp, which isn’t compatible with the older one. You’ll have to adjust your code to something like this: https://alfserver/liveforms/appserver/rpc/amfphp/gateway.php

header: Content-Type: application/json
body: {"serviceName":"ViewerService", "methodName":"getDocumentList", "parameters":[437]}

This will get all documents for app 437, with default values used for the remaining parameters.

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