Anoto Live Forms - Switching license from one pen to a pen with license expired

We have lost a pen and trying to switch it's license (still valid) to another pen with a license that already expired. What is the right procedure?

As the order portal knows about the expired pen, you wouldn't be able to just swap it.

To do it right please follow the instructions below:

  1. delete the expired pen
  2. perform a Synchronisation with the portal - this will remove the device from the portal
  3. add the deleted device back to 'New Devices' (just enter the pen ID after clicking 'Add Device')
  4. select the existing (licensed pen) and click 'Replace'
  5. select the 'new' pen to be the replacement
  6. perform a renewal on the pen with license expired and provide the resulting file to Anoto support ( for processing
  7. import the license ZIP-file in order to replace the pen's license on your system

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