Anoto Live Forms - License on pens expired. How do we renew it?

Some of our pens shown in the Devices table have date in column Expire marked in red. What are we supposed to do?

Within Live Forms, 'Users and Devices' tab you can check if any pen licence has expired. To renew the licence hit the control key and select the pens you want to renew a license for.
At the bottom of the page you will see a tab stating "Renew Licence". Select it and a pop up will appear stating "You are about to create a renewal file for X pens".
Select OK & a renew file will be created.

Save to a location of your choice & email with the file attached. After payment has been confirmed, we'll update the licence and email back the license ZIP-file. When you get the file, save it and then select the "Import licence" tab. The pens will then have their licence renewed.

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