ALF - Why do some forms appear to have missing handwriting?

Why do some of our forms appear to either be blank or are missing handwriting in the Viewer or PDF?

The server will render all information that it receives. Generally speaking, if there appears to be missing information (either blank or partly written pages), it is because the data hasn't yet reached the server. With that being understood, the typical reasons for forms to appear incomplete are as follows:

  1. A pen used to write on a form hasn't been docked (PC) or ticked Send (mobile device). In this case, the data is still on the pen and not sent to the server yet.  Users should be taught to remember to send their data regularly to avoid a build-up of forms. It is also good practice to periodically dock a pen with a PC running 'ALF for Windows' to download and process any forms the user has forgotten to send. Please bear in mind that a form can be written on by more than one pen and data downloaded to different PCs/mobile devices.
  2. Data is 'stuck' in the ALF software on the PC or mobile device. In these situations, there will be an entry displayed showing a Red dot next to the submission which indicates a problem. To resolve the issue, check the documents history for any error messages and use the retry option to resubmit the data once the problem has been fixed.
  3. The user inadvertently used a non-digital pen to write on a form. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about these cases, except advise proper training for the users so they understand the system can only see what is written with a digital pen.
  4. The digital pen battery was empty or the pen memory full. In both cases the pen will issue warnings to the user which if ignored, will cause the pen to stop recording data. 
  5. The pen may be in 'sleep mode'. Whilst in sleep mode, no handwriting is recorded. To 'wake up' the pen, the pen should be docked whilst connected to a PC or power point.
  6. The pen may vibrate as the user writes. In this situation, the vibration is caused by either...
    a) the pen being unable to read the pattern successfully, therefore it is unable to record the handwriting. In these situations, it is generally an indication of a badly printed form and may happen only in certain areas on the page or
    b) the pen's hardware license has expired (AP-701x models)
  7. There could be a hardware issue with the pen where the force sensor is not successfully activated every time the users writes on the form or the ink cartridge is bent. Please follow the relevant model's troubleshooting guide to ascertain if it is a hardware problem or not.
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