Print - Printing more than 32 pages on A3 pattern

When printing a form with 33 pages (or more) using an A3 pattern, the following exception message shows up in the dpp-registry log:

LicenseManagerFacade::allocateUniqueChunks, caught exception: exception 'PatternAllocationException' with message 'Not enough pattern within same segment left for allocation of 1 forms of app A3 (68)' in /opt/dpp-registry/src/LicenseManagerFacade.php:387

Yet, there's plenty of pattern left that's associated with the app.

A3 pattern has just 32 pages per book. You can only print the amount of pages available in the book, a slight limitation when printing using A2 and A0. The maximum number of pages you can print per print-job in this case is 32 and then you need to create a new job for the next batch of the same amount, or less than 32 pages.

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