Pen doesn't work on segment 176 and higher even though it's updated

I have upgraded my pen firmware, but I still have problems using pattern from segment 176 and higher.

Older versions of the FDT/FDK and the Paper SDK got the segment size from a hard-coded table. When new pattern was allocated this was changed to getting the size from the license file instead. Since we now have run out of some of the pattern segments that were present in the table in the older versions, size from new segments can't be handled and will cause size (width, height) to be 0.0. This will result in pattern address This was solved in FDT (released in October 2009) and Paper SDK 2.0.0 (released in April 2010).
There is no work-around, the solution is to upgrade.

Applies To
FDT/FDK versions and Paper SDK versions 1.1.0-1.2.0

Further Information
FDT User's Guide


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