What is Print Parameter Code (PPC)

What is Print Parameter Code (PPC) and where do I find it?

The Print Parameter Code is a series of characters in the lower left hand corner of each page. The PPC is automatically generated when the pattern is added. It includes the page address and what settings were used when printing the page. Below is an explanation of the various character codes.

The Print Parameter Code is built up of three parts:
<Page Adress><Color Separation><Printing Parameters>

Page Address is in the format:
segment.shelf.book.page (i.e. )

Color Separation is in the format:

  • "O" for no separation
  • "R" for raw
  • "S" for standard
  • "2" for two comp
  • "C" for PDFX1a
  • "X" for other

Printing Parameters is in the format:

  • "O" - Standard offset parameters ( no tampering with point variables )
  • "L" - Standard laser parameters ( -l switch or equal params )

The various characters can be combined, for example:
SL stands for standard laser and 2L stands for limited color separation for laser.

The O and L can be followed by G D R R2 O which is gridspace, dpi, radius, radius2 or offset if any of those are changed.

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