Anoto substitute black ink for offset printing

What is Anoto substitute black and where can I get it?

Anoto substitute black is a black ink that is not seen by the pen. Therefore Anoto substitute black can be used on top of the pattern without disturbing the functionality. If you wish to print anything in a four-color process on top of the pattern, then the K-channel in CMYK must be printed with Anoto substitute black.

Anoto substitute black has very low absorption at wavelengths between 800 and 950 nm.

Applies To
offset printing

Further Information
The Anoto substitute black ink can be ordered from Sun Cemicals in Landskrona, Sweden.

Product numbers:
37-70648 Irocart (conventional offset)
36-70648 Irodry (waterless offset)

Sun Chemicals Landskrona
+46 418-59010

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