Why is my service/application not called?

Why is my service/application not called?

There can be several different reasons for the service not being called, some of them are listed here:

  • The PAD file is not located in the correct folder. The PAD file is a description of the paper you are using and if the PAD file is not placed in the correct folder or is invalid, the application will not be able to interpret the pen strokes correctly. The folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Anoto\Pads contains all PAD-files on the PC
  • Several different PAD files are based on one license. If there exist more than one PAD file based on the same license in the PAD folder, the PLS for PC does not have any proper way to handle it. It means that the application can not tell which PAD file the PLS for PC should use, it might even use different PAD files at different times. This can cause strange behaviour and a recommendation is to never re-use the same license to make two different paper forms, even during testing.
  • The application is not subscribing on the service. To set up a subscription for a application on a service, the Subscription API must be used. The subscription setup should be included in the installation of an application made with the SDK for PC Applications.
  • The wrong progid is used during the subscription process. This will end up with a call to another application or no application at all.
  • The application is not registered on the PC. This problem might, for example, occur if an application is copied to a PC but without any installation being performed. The application will therefore not have any valid program id set in the registry and the PC will not be able to start the application. To make sure that the the application is registered, the regserver command should be performed in a Command Prompt window, with the application as parameter.

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