What is a pidget?

What is a pidget?

The pidget is a pattern page element that has a logical meaning for the digital pen, it often triggers an action in the pen, i.e. to send data via Bluetooth. The pidgets are placed close to the edges of the template and are “cut and pasted” to the position when they are placed within the FDT or Paper SDK. It is therefore very important to place the pidget at least 7 mm away from any writing areas. Otherwise if writing to close to the pidget the pen might be confused to where the strokes belong.

This rule also applies when creating pidgets next to each other. Even here, a margin of at least 7 mm should be used. If too close or overlapping, the pidgets will cause an exception message in the program, like this one:

NPapgen.Anoto.Common.GapatException: An exception UNSPEC_ERROR occured during execution. ---> System.Exception: The dotcode type is undefined or the size of a s
tylo setting is not 0,1,2 or the bitmap color separation ends up in an unknown state
--- End of inner exception stack trace ---
at NPapgen.Anoto.Common.GapatException.RaiseIfResultLessThenZero(Int32 result)
at NPapgen.Anoto.ComponentModel.Page.CreateColorPidget(PointF position, Color rgb, StylePidgetSize size, Boolean graphics)

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