Base Kit for Mobile


The Anoto Base Kit for Mobile comprises several Live SDK’s to enable communication over Bluetooth with the new Live Pen™ 2 and Live Pen™ 1 (DP-201), together with documentation and sample code to help develop your own digital pen based solutions for mobile platforms.

Currently the SDK provides platform specific libraries for Android, BlackBerry OS and iOS. You can import the required platform library into your development environment to get your digital pen application up and running quickly. The API provides functionality to discover and pair to a pen, receive pen stroke data and in the case of Live Pen™ 2, retrieve property data from the pen. Your application receives transaction events from the SDK including stroke data, and has full control of sending the data to the back-end.

The Anoto Base kit for Mobile can be used to develop your own pen management
application for Live Pen™ 2. Pen stroke data can be retrieved from the pen, pen properties can be accessed and the application has full control of the transactions. Your application may also store retrieved ink data on the mobile device and send ink data (containing stroke data and pen id) to the back end.

To maintain backward compatibility, the current Anoto Live SDK also supports
the Live Pen™ 1 (DP-201) with Android and/or BlackBerry OS devices. iOS is not
supported with the Live Pen™ 1.

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