penDirector (.NET)


  • iO2 Bluetooth
  • Live Pen S
  • Live Pen 1 (DP-201)
  • Live Pen 2
  • Live Pen 2 Professional
  • Livescribe Echo
  • Livescribe Pulse
  • Livescribe Sky WiFi


The primary function of penDirector is to handle the data transfer of handwriting stroke information from a digital pen to a PC. In addition to this, penDirector also contains utility functionality to assist in the configuration and management of digital pens with respect to firmware updates and encryption key installation when used in conjunction with the Anoto Encryption Toolkit. 
Depending on the pen model being used, some of the features of penDirector include:
  • Forwarding of stroke data to registered applications through the Pen Data Transfer feature
  • Support for Live Pen™ 2 and Live Pen™ 1 encryption
  • Forward and/or notify PC SDK based applications with pen data
  • Get information from the pen, such as estimated writing time, standby time, used memory, battery status etc.
  • Get and set the pen clock, information about the owner of the pen (such as name, email address, and mobile phone number)
  • Enable or disable Bluetooth and get/set the PIN code for the Bluetooth pairing functionality
  • Enable different settings for how synchronization should take place when the pen is docked to the USB cradle
  • See a log of previous synchronizations including their status
  • Configure and set a password on the pen to prevent its data being involuntarily accessed
  • Upgrade the firmware in the pen using the built-in penUpgrader utility
  • Install encryption keys and certificates using the built-in penKeyLoader utility

It is possible to customise the installation of penDirector to fit the end customer’s needs and requests. Different parameter values can be set as default and they can be set to be fixed. You can also hide areas of information and parameters to the user. 

penDirector can be adapted to different languages using the localization feature. If you want to localize to a language that is not supported, you can easily include you own translations.
Supported languages are:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese

Download the Product Data Sheet from here.

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