Forms Design


The Forms Design Tool (FDT), which is part of the Forms Design Kit (FDK), is used to enable forms and documents to be used with Anoto functionality. The Forms Design Tool is a plug-in to Adobe® Acrobat® Professional. The workflow using the Forms Design Tool is:

  • See to that the form layout is available in PDF format
  • Open the PDF file in Adobe® Acrobat® Professional
  • Select the Anoto pattern license(s) to be used with form
  • Add the Anoto specific design elements to the form layout
  • Link a file with dynamic information that should be connected to each printed and used form (optional)
  • Generate Anoto specific files to be used by the application handling data received from the digital pen
  • Generate a PostScript or PDF file ready for print, or print directly to PostScript, PCL or GDI printers.

The Forms Design Tool shall be seen as an administrative tool, used to design and print documents enabled for use with an Anoto digital pen.

Download the Product Data Sheet from here.

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