Enhanced Printing


Anoto Enhanced Printing consists of the Paper SDK. The Paper SDK, includes the PAD and Print Generation Module (PPGM) which is used to enable forms and documents to be used with Anoto functionality. The PPGM can easily be integrated into a design tool or built into a system. With the PPGM it is possible to, for example:

  • Work with solutions using unique or copied pattern based paper products.
  • Add the Anoto specific design elements to the form layout.
  • Generate Anoto specific files to be used by the application to handle data received from the digital pen.
  • Add unique images and/or texts to a page.
  • Generate a PostScript or PDF file ready for print, or print directly to PostScript, PCL or GDI printers.

The design tools provided by Anoto are mainly used to apply pattern to the layout of a paper product and to print directly or generate the file used when printing the paper product at the later occasion.

Download the Product Data Sheet from here.

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