Supported pattern for my pen

What dot pattern can my pen write on? And is there any pattern it doesn't work on?

When new pattern is generated, a new pen firmware might be required in order to support the new pattern range(s). 
If you have an issue where your pen doesn't seem to recognise the pattern it's writing on...

  • the firmware might require updating
  • the pen license may have expired
  • it could be bad print quality

The document, Pattern Template Descriptions, contains lots of information about the pattern and templates connected to it. The document also contains information regarding which pattern ranges are supported in different firmware versions. Please go to chapter 8, Pen firmware support for templates and pattern segment mapping, in Pattern Template Descriptions for more information about your specific pen model.

Anoto basically has 2 pattern 'spaces':

  1. Our Forms pattern 'space', where our Forms-pens (Live Pen 1/Live Pen 2/AP-701x) will successfully record data on.
  2. Our Retail pattern 'space', where our Livescribe consumer pens (Smartpen3/Echo/Aegir) will successfully record data on.

Neither pen will work in the other's pattern 'space'.

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