LP2 - How do I connect Live Pen™ 2 with an iOS device?

You must be using an iOS device with Bluetooth 4 (iPhone 4s) or later.  

Pairing a Live Pen 2 to an iPhone requires the support of a registered application (for example the Anoto Live forms router, SDK Sample application or a 3rd party pen router product) that has the pairing functionality built-in. it is not possible to pair the pen directly to the iPhone from the phones Bluetooth menu.

The steps to pair your Live Pen 2 to you iPhone are :- 

  1. Install your iOS compatible ink router application
  2. Remove any existing digital pen pairing(s)
  3. Enable 'discoverable' mode in the pen by either
    a) docking the pen with a Windows PC running penDirector or
    b) tick a Send box on an Anoto enabled form (this assumes the pen doesn't have any existing pairing)
  4. Follow your iOS application's pairing process to scan for the available device
  5. Choose your discovered pen from the pop-up window on your iOS device.
  6. Accept pairing.

Remember that with iOS, previous pairings can cause issues and they should always be removed from the device before pairing with the pen.
Live Pen 2 supports the 'Just Works' pairing functionality of the Bluetooth 'Simple and Secure' specification, which removes the need to use a PIN code.

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