Windows - Introduction

Anoto's Live SDK for Windows can be used to develop a pen management application for Anoto's digital pens:

  • Pen stroke data can be retrieved from the pen. 
  • Pen properties can be accessed and set in the pen. 
  • The application has full control of the transactions - it can send ink data (containing stroke data and pen ID) to the back-end and choose when to remove data from the pen (i.e. upon confirmation from the back-end system)

Anoto currently has 2 SDKs for Windows and the digital pen support on each are different...

  • Live SDK for Windows (.NET) []
    Supports the Live Pen™ 2, Live Pen™ 1 (DP-201) & our new AP-701 (but this pen is model presents itself as a Live Pen™ 2)
  • Live SDK for Windows (Cpp) []
    Supports the Live Pen™ 2 & our new AP-701x models

Tools / Sample apps
API Documentation and Samples
How to Develop with the Anoto Live SDK and Tools

For further details on system requirements please see the product data sheet.

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