PC SDK - Getting started

Getting started with the PC SDK
In this section you will find some basic examples on how to work with the Anoto SDK for PC applications (PC SDK). The examples are intended to be a guide on how to implement some of the fundamental features for receiving and processing different kinds of pen data and attachments.
In order to process correct, all PC applications built upon the PC SDK must have the correct PAD file in the <C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Anoto\PADs> folder. The PAD file is copied to the correct folder when registering an application for a specific paper category.

NOTE: The examples might be created for older versions of the SDK's, but they may still be useful. Read the "Legal Notice" before starting to use these examples.

First application – handling pen data
This application is the most trivial example showing how to subscribe to a paper category defined for a paper, receive pen data from that paper category and save it to disk as a PGC file, for later use.
For more information click here.

Simple image rendering
This example describes how to render an image from a locally stored PGC file containing the data. This example does not interact with the pen, it only processes the pen data after it has been retrieved and saved to disk.
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