Anoto Live Forms for Mobile - The LP1 vibrates and the page light flashes red after the send box has been ticked

The pen vibrates and the page light flashes red after the send box has been ticked.

Start by checking:

  • Check if the phone is switched on
  • Check that bluetooth is switched on
  • Make sure the 'Anoto Live Forms' application is installed and open
  • Check you are within 10 meters of your mobile device

One of the most common problems experienced is the failure of the pen to transfer data to the phone when a "Send Form" pidget is ticked. The pen user will generally experience a violent vibration of the pen a few seconds after ticking the box and the pen indicator flashing red . This is generally caused by an incorrect pairing of the pen with the phone, but can also be caused by the phone being reconfigured or the pen firmware having been upgraded. In order to solve this, perform the following:

  1. Remove any existing pairings from the phone by going into the device's Bluetooth Manager
  2. The pairing with the phone may have been dropped – use a pairing sheet to re-pair your pen to your phone or contact your Administrator. If using a pen pairing form, tick the "Pair with Phone" box - the pen will begin its Bluetooth search.
  3. When the phone finds the pen, the phone will prompt for the pen Bluetooth PIN code (for LP1). Enter the code. Pairing is completed when the pen produces 3 short buzzes.
  4. You should set the pen as an authorised device by either accepting the question when asked by the phone or going back into the Bluetooth Manager, selecting the device and setting it as authorised by choosing the relevant option.
  5. Test the pairing by ticking the send pidget on a form
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