Anoto Live Forms - How to setup Encryption?

Anoto Live Forms

  1. Login to ALF as "admin", rather than an administrator user account
  2. Administration->Settings->System settings->Encryption support->Save
  3. Administration->Organisations - select the relevant organisation from the drop down - Encryption->Allowed
  4. Order the server and pen certificate from us (this will be delivered as a hubKey.key and penKeyLoaderCert.crt)
  5. Place the hubKey.key into /var/opt/dpp-hub/keys/ on the server
  6. Install the certificate on the pens following the below instructions
  7. Administration->Users & Devices->Devices->Add penKeyLoader XML file
  8. If you need to order encrypted pattern (DP-201), click on "Generate order request" as normal, then tick the "Encrypted" checkbox.


  1. Ensure the pens are all on firmware 7A or higher, see "Anoto Pen Upgrader" in the Downloads section for more detail.
  2. Install and run the attached PenKeyLoader software
  3. Select "Install certificate authenticator and encryption certificate"->Save as...
  4. Enter a name for the file that will be generated when each pen is updated (VERY important that this file doesn’t get lost or overwritten!)
  5. Next->Next->New key: 0127a2b4058e5b6897e194d2d1e5eb93b7a606332d94df355acea5e501e2cc01 (there is no old key)->Next->Browse...
  6. Select the penKeyLoaderCert.crt file delivered in step 4 above, then click Next
  7. Start docking the pens one after the other, the encryption is rapid, you'll get a message after each successful pen
  8. Send the penKeyLoader XML file in step 3 to the administrator to install in step 7 above
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