Anoto Live Forms PrintProcessor - PrintProcessor can't print

PrintProcessor can't print

There are several points at which printing may fail, unfortunately in some cases, this can be difficult to diagnose.

In all instances where you suspect an error printing, you should log a support ticket giving as much detail as possible, i.e. what form you were printing, which server you're printing from, but most importantly, PrintProcessor log files.

Log files can be found at C:\Program Files (x86)\XMS Penvision\PrintProcessor\logs and we suggest sending the entire directory as a zip file.

Without this information it will take longer to diagnose the issue. Not all errors will produce output in the PrintProcessor log file, however, for most cases, you should follow this checklist:

  • Is the printer turned on?
  • Can you print to the printer using another application?
  • Do you have the correct PostScript driver installed for the printer you are printing to?
  • Does your I.T. Policy allow you to use the selected printer?

If, following all of these checks, you are still unable to print, please open a support ticket, providing the log file, relevant form DPP file and the original form background PDF.

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