FDT - Adding a traceability code


How and where do I add the traceability code?


There are 2 options for when and how you can add the traceability code...

  1. you can manually insert it when you create the form layout (before you create a PDF file)
  2. you can insert it when you enable the form product with Anoto functionality with our FDT product


  1. Select Anoto Layout - Add Traceability Code & the dialog below will be displayed
  2. Type the 3-part traceability code & click OK. The traceability code will be visible in the bottom-right corner of the page.
  3. Mark the traceability code and move it using the Object-tool, to your desired position.

NOTE: If the form has many pages, you have to move the Traceability Code on every page.

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