Known problems with Active Directory restrictions


Within many corporate and Government (UK) organisations, the security policies rolled out via Active Directory can be very restrictive resulting in client application installations not working as expected.

Anoto Live Forms for Windows and Print Processor is capable of being installed in any location you require, but due to Active Directory restrictions you may have limited options and privileges when running the software resulting in the following problems occurring :-

  1. Within Print Processor the app will fail to start with an alert stating insufficient permissions.
  2. Within program files, no Anoto folders would have been created
  3. Installation of the applications may have taken place on the root of the local C drive.

To Resolve

  1. Uninstall all Anoto Live Forms client applications (ALF for Windows, ALF PrintProcessor) 
  2. Ensure a user with local admin rights is logged into the PC with PC local admin rights and NOT domain admin rights.
  3. Re-install both apps
  4. Check if the relevant Anoto folders have been created.
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