ALF 4.5 Encrypt an LP2

To encrypt a Live Pen 2 for ALF you will require:-

  • Anoto PenDirector 2.10 or above
  • CA text file.
  • Valid Certificate
  • LP2 Firmware or above
  • Anoto PenBrowser to check encryption on the pens.

 You will be supplied with a ca.txt file plus a valid certificate by the person who has built and commissioned the ALF server

Check all pens are at the required firmware level before beginning the encryption process.


  •  Ensure PenKeyLoaderPro is enabled within the PenDirector settings tool

  • Run PenDirector and in the General tab select penKeyLoader 


  • Set the "Mode" to “Install certificate authenticator and encryption certificate”


  • Paste the string from ca.txt into the “New Key” field, ensuring you don’t take any space characters
  • Browse for the certificate supplied
  • Click the “Save As” button to set the pen registration file output (this file isn’t used, but needs to be set).  It will generate a XML file.  Save to a location of your choice.
  • Dock the pen and select "Apply"



  • A message will appear stating the upload was correct


To check pen Encryption


Open Anoto Live Pen Browser and select "Pen Encryption"


This will confirm that the authenticator has been installed

To uninstall encryption of the pen.

(Please be aware this also deletes all strokes that may be on the pen)


  • With the pen docked open Pen Browser
  • Select Pen encryption
  • Within Certificate path navigate to where the certificate is stored
  • Select Remove certificate


To remove the CA

  • Paste the string from ca.txt into the “Old CA Key” field, ensuring you don’t take any space characters.
  • Select "Set CA"


The CA key will be deleted.  If the pen is used without deleting the valid Certificate the pen will vibrate constantly on touching patterned paper


You must have the original Certificate available to decrypt the pen.  If not available the pen cannot be decrypted!








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