penDirector (C++) 3.0

Supported pens
  • Live Pen™ 2
  • Live Pen™ 2 Professional
  • AP-701
  • AP-701C-M


The primary function of penDirector is to handle the data transfer of handwriting stroke information from a digital pen to a PC.  In addition to this, penDirector also contains utility functionality to assist in the configuration and management of digital pens with respect to firmware updates and encryption key installation when used in conjunction with Anoto's Base Kit for Encryption.

penDirector can be configured by a solution provider to fit the requirements of the actual user. penDirector's "Help" section includes information about the standard setup and may thus describe items which are not possible to see or use in a customized installation of the application.

penDirector contains penUpgrader functionality for upgrading AP-701x/Live Pen™ 2 with new firmware. It also contains a built-in penKeyLoader for installing encryption keys and certificates.

Please note that penDirector cannot run in parallel with other pen PC suites (e.g. XMS Formidable router, PenPusher, Anoto Live Forms for Windows and Anoto Live Enterprise PC Router) on the same PC. It also cannot run in parallel with penUpgrader 1.x or stand-alone penKeyLoader.

It is possible for an Anoto partner to customize the installation of penDirector to fit the end customer’s requirements. Please read the document penDirector Administration Options for more information.

Anoto_penDirector_3.0.1.185_Setup.exe (65Mb)

Terms and conditions related to the use of the penDirector application can be found in the "click to accept"-style end user license agreement (EULA) displayed and to be accepted during the installation. However, as an exception to the “no-redistribution” limitation of the EULA, each Anoto business partner may free of charge redistribute the penDirector application to end users of Anoto digital pens, provided that it is done through the same distribution channels as it uses for distribution of other Anoto Functionality-related software. This exception to the EULA applies to the partner and its distribution chain (as applicable) only, and not to the end user.

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