AP-701 - My pen keeps on beeping whilst I'm writing


Whenever I write on my form (with Anoto pattern), my pen just beeps with a red LED. What is wrong?


The usual reason for this behaviour is that the pen's (hardware) license has expired. If you've never used your pen before then the most likely cause is that the pen's clock is not correct and could be set to a date/time in the past.

When this happens, please try setting the pen clock via the 'Pen settings' tab in our penDirector application and see if the 'beeping' issue is still present afterwards. If it is, we ask that you send our Support-team an email at support@anoto.com and we can get your pen(s) license rectified with a few clicks. Once the license has been rectified, you'll need to dock your pen against our Anoto Pen Fleet Manager client for Windows in order to apply the new (hardware) license.

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