Exchanging ink refill

Are there any considerations when I change the pen refill?

Never reinsert an ink-cartridge once it has been removed from the pen as it may have been damaged when extracted. Ink leakage inside the pen can destroy it.

To exchange the ink cartridge in the pen, follow these steps:

  1. Hold the pen in a horizontal position.
  2. Use a pair of tongs/pliers to get a steady grip of the ink cartridge.
  3. Pull the tongs away from the pen; the ink cartridge will slide out of the pen.
  4. Slip a new ink cartridge into the pen by hand, until it cannot be pressed any further. Make sure that the ink cartridge is straight. A bent ink cartridge will affect the pressure sensor and make the stroke capture unstable.

Use an Anoto certified ink refill if possible - see the document Tested ink refills for a detailed description of tested refills. Other refills can be used as well, as long as the ink doesn’t contain any carbon and the cartridge complies to the standard "ball point refill ISO 12757-2 D M". The ”M” at the end means medium ball (diameter 1 mm). “M” is a recommendation, but “F” works fine as well (diameter 0.7 mm). In Japan, the name of this standard refill is JIS S 6039.

The dimensions of the ink refill are as follows:

Further Information
Read the document "Tested Ink Refills".

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