Scaled graphics when printing on a laser printer

Why is my graphics scaled when I print on laser?

Back in the days when the Anoto technology were new there were no laser printers of good quality, the only option for print were offset. Hence the Anoto pattern were designed according to these circumstances and it were decided that the grid squares should be exactly 0.3 mm in order to get a good resolution.

When laser printers started to evolve and became a good option for printing they all used the resolution dpi (dots per inches) and usually a multiple of 600. The problem were that it’s almost impossible to the Anoto pattern based on 0.3 mm within a multiple of 600 dpi. To solve this issue the pattern is printed with a dot scale of 98.7778% when printing using a digital printer which fits perfectly in 600 dpi, 1200 dpi etc. The difference is so small that it will not affect the capturing capabilities of the pen, but it is noticeable on the rendered result unless you also scale down the background with 1.2222%. On the other hand, if it is important that the printed layout isn’t scaled, then the size of the layout must be increased before generating the file.

Applies To
Laser printers

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