Pen won't recognize pattern

My pen is not recognizing the pattern, why?


  • The pen does not see the pattern at all – in this case, all leds are turned off when writing, the pen is acting like writing on regular paper (without Anoto pattern).
  • The Live pen 1 (DP-201) is buzzing as soon as the tip is in touch with the paper
    – The pen is not able to interpret the pattern. There might be several reasons for that:
    - Print quality: Paper enabling Anoto functionality is color separated; only the dots used by pen to locate its position on the paper are allowed to be printed in carbon black. Some printers do not respect the color separation process, ending up in a non color-separated print. Make sure to use an Anoto qualified printer or print process to secure the print quality.
    - Template: make sure your pen is supporting the template your paper license is based on. Take a look at the “Paper template description” document at Anoto partner site (reference documentation section).

Applies To
Live pen 1 (DP-201)

troubleshooting, recognition error, buzz

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