Base Kit for Citrix


Market availability: Citrix Gold Solution Advisor Partners only

Anoto's Base Kit for Citrix supports redirection of Anoto Live Pen™ to a remote server via Citrix Virtual Channels. In order to be able to communicate with Live Pen™ in a Citrix environment you need to use two commercial bundles from Anoto:

  1. Anoto Base Kit for Windows 
  2. Anoto Base Kit for Citrix

Anoto's Base Kit for Citrix provides support for Anoto Live Pen™ in the following Citrix thin-client environments:

Citrix XenDesktop

  • Live Pen™ 1 using USB Port Redirection
  • Live Pen™ 2 via Citrix Virtual Channel 

Citrix XenApp

  • Live Pen™ 2 via Citrix Virtual Channel

Download the product datasheet here.

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