Base Kit for Encryption


In some scenarios where digital pen and paper technology is an attractive alternative to handle data capture and data transfer, a high level of data protection is sometimes required. 

Anoto's  Base Kit for Encryption provides platform-specific products for Windows and Linux supporting our Live Pen 2/AP-701/AP-701C-M:

  • Live Encryption SDK for Windows
  • Live Encryption SDK for Linux

It is possible to set up, use and maintain a digital pen and paper based solution, utilising industry standard encryption with the security modules contained within these SDKs  (Software Development Kit). The Anoto encryption solution has been designed with the focus on protection against:

  • Unauthorized interpretation of the data stored in the digital pen and subsequently transmitted from the pen to other host services, e.g. routers, servers
  • Manipulation of the data whilst at rest or in transit

Download the Product Data Sheet here

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