LP2 - Bluetooth LE transmission speed

Why does my Live Pen™ 2 take longer to send data to my Bluetooth 4 enabled iOS device?

Live Pen™ 2 utilises the Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy system when communicating to Bluetooth 4 devices such as Apple iOS phones. Bluetooth Low Energy (or LE as it's commonly known) operates at much lower levels of power than other types of Bluetooth connections e.g. Bluetooth Classic. As such, data transfer rates between the pen and the device is lower and may take several seconds to transmit multiple pages of handwriting once the Send-pidget has been ticked. When working with only a small amount of data, the speed difference is negligible and you shouldn’t be aware of any difference.

Depending on your chosen ink router application, you may be able to utilise one of the features of Live Pen 2 called 'seamless get' to alleviate data download bottlenecks when working with larger documents. 'Seamless-get' is a system that sends the ink strokes in packets of data as they are written and periodically submits them automatically to the paired device when certain triggers are met e.g. a buffer limit being reached.

For more information on 'seamless-get', please speak to your platform provider.

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