Anoto Live Forms - What data output formats can you provide?

What data output formats can you provide?

Data output from the Live Forms platform can be integrated in various ways with your current back-office systems :-

  • Data Import - If your software supports it, one of the simplest techniques is to just import the data into your back-office software.  This will normally require us to create a bespoke output format but it is still one of the easiest ways to integrate your pen data. The standard output we support is XML, but you should be mindful of the overall technology to account for e.g. a date field being filled in different ways by different pen users.
  • Software APIs/Web Services - If your software supports APIs (application programming interfaces) or is able to present a suitable web service, routines can be written to take the XML data from the pen system and directly integrate it into your software. We have a basic IIS template available on request which handles the bundling of the data files themselves and allows you to focus on the integration side.
  • Push-based file share for automatic Live Forms file output over a network (FTP/SCP and many more)
  • Microsoft Word / Excel template filling

Anoto provides the following modules for the export of Live Forms standard output (XML and PDF):

  • FTP
  • FTPS (Secure FTP, like HTTPS)
  • SFTP (FTP over SSH)
  • SOAP/XML-RPC/REST (Web Services)
  • Email
  • Network Share (Mapped Network Drive - CIFS/NFS)

In addition to these, Anoto can also provide non-standard file exports to the above named services subject to specification and requirements. Examples are:

  • Custom XML Schema
  • Word 2003 - 2010 Output (or any docx format onward)
  • Excel 2003 - 2010 Output (Excel native format or any xls or any xlsx format)
  • CSV
  • Direct SQL Injection
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GPS plotting of form submissions (when GPS enabled mobiles are used)

Anoto and the Live Forms platform are also capable of on-the-fly/real-time data verification via the following:

  • Live Forms/Local Network resident MySQL, PostgreSQL or MSSQL (not on Live forms server) database

Please feel free to contact support or your Anoto Sales Manager for further details or to discuss your application requirements.

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