AP-701x - Acceptance testing of your newly received pens

All Anoto pens are sold with a standard 1 year manufacturer warranty. If you are experiencing any issues with your pens during the first year, please follow our troubleshooting instructions & get in touch with our Support team who will be able to provide further assistance (if required), attaching all relevant documents to support your claim, i.e. STF2-file retrieved from pen & a physical picture of the AP-701 Test Form.

Some customers/partners might only be placing their newly purchased pens into storage initially (as stock), before supplying their customers with it at a later date. However, it is very important to perform 'acceptance testing' of any new electronic product you've purchased, in order to verify that everything is functioning as expected, especially in the latter 'storage' example.

Acceptance Test

  • Prerequisites
  1. Have a copy of our AP-701 Test Form printed out via a color laser printer (that supports PostScript & 600dpi minimum) (the reason for using this specific form for testing is because it has pattern on it that won't activate the pen's license and is purely used for testing purposes)
  2. Download and install our Pen Fleet Manager client for Windows
  3. Download and install our latest (Cpp) Live SDK for Windows software (if you don't have it, please get in touch with our Support-team to request it)
  4. Ensure that...
    i)  all Anoto applications, using the WCF (.NET) PenAccessFramework (or PAF, for short) service have been uninstalled (the only PAF that should be visible under SERVICES is: 'Anoto Pen Access Framework Cpp windows service') or 
    ii)  keep all your other Anoto applications installed but Stop the WCF (.NET) PAF service and ensure that the Cpp PAF service is Running
  • Steps (and Expected Results)
  1. Launch Pen Fleet Manager for Windows, if not already 
    The application is successfully launched and the user is presented with the application's graphic user interface.
  2. Dock your pen 
    The pen is successfully detected by the application and a license & firmware check is automatically made to ensure that the information on the pen is up-to-date. If you select the coloured pen-tile in the top-half of the application then a more detailed view will appear in the bottom-right of the application; it is here that you will be able to see the remaining license time of the pen. The license file in the pen will be updated, if there is a newer one available.The firmware version in the pen will be updated, if there is a newer one available.
  3. Shutdown the Pen Fleet Manager for Windows application 
  4. Undock your pen and complete the AP-701 Test Form, following the Quick Guide guidance 
  5. Launch the Anoto Windows SDK's Pen Browser application 
  6. Dock your pen
    Your pen is successfully detected by the Pen Browser application.
  7. Access the Pen Strokes tab
    The Pen Strokes tab is successfully displayed.
  8. Select the "..." button and select a download location 
    The selected download location is successfully displayed within the Strokes Save Path: field.
  9. Select Get Strokes
    Stroke are successfully retrieved from the pen and saved in the Stroke Save Path location.
    A confirmation message is displayed within the Pen Browser application, stating: "Strokes saved successfully".
  10. Access the Strokes Save Path location
    The STF2-file from Step 9 can be found in there.
  11. Right-click on the STF2-file, select Open with... and select to open the file with the Anoto Windows SDK's Ink Viewer application
    The stroke-file is successfully opened and you are able to view your rendered stroke data.

NOTE: It is to be expected that partial 'missing strokes' will occur when light pressure is applied (test 2a).

TIP: Always ensure to apply more pressure than usual when writing with a digital pen; this will ensure that all strokes are successfully recorded.

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