Android Live SDK - Example application


This example android application allows you to test the functionality of your chosen Android device to ensure it is capable of running, pairing and operating with a Live Pen™.  Based on the Android SDK v1.2 which is part of the Base Kit for Mobile (a suite of SDK's that support Android, Apple and Blackberry mobile devices), the example application uses the latest version of the Pen Access Framework to provide seamless support for both Live Pen™ 1 (on Android 2.3.3 and later) and Live Pen™ 2 (on Android 4.0.x and later) digital pens.

In order to download the application directly to your device, please disable the 'allow only from trusted sources' option from your device control panel.  Once the software is installed, you may re-enable this feature.  It is only required to install the application, not run it. Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this article before continuing.

Click to download the Android Example Client Application



Once installed and running, select the type of pen you want to connect to using the toggle switch in the bottom left of the window (LP1/LP2). Place your pen into BT Discoverable mode (LP1 - remove the cap. LP2 - turn on using penDirector) and press the Add pen button.  After a few seconds your pen name should be displayed and you will be able to select it and pair.

Please Note: Live Pen 1 requires a PIN code to pair, whereas Live Pen 2 utilises BT4 'quick and simple' pairing so no PIN code is required.

Once paired, you will see a screen similar to the one below depending on what pen you have paired with.  In order to test your device, tick a Send Pidget on an Anoto enabled form and ensure the data information tab updates to indicate a successfully received transmission.


Successfully paired and waiting for a submission


Live Pen 2 Post Submission



Live Pen 1 Post Submission


Please Note:  When using a Live Pen 2, the connection to the client application is maintained thereby enabling you to select the other information tabs (DATA/INFO/STATUS/SETTINGS). The Live Pen 1 does not maintain the connection so it will immediately revert to the screen shown above and wait for another submission and you will not be able to access the other tabs.



In order to OTA provision this example application directly to your device using the above link, you will need to configure it to allow un-trusted applications to be installed. Anoto cannot be held responsible for any damages whether financial, consequential or otherwise through the action of the removal of this safety feature.  You acknowledge it is your responsibility to ensure the feature is re-enabled immediately after installation and by not doing so may render your device susceptible to malicious attack through compromised applications and services.

The Live SDK for Android v1.2 has generic compatibility with Android version 4.0 and later for Live Pen 2 and Android 2.3.3 and later for Live Pen 1. The Live SDK for Android has been successfully tested by Anoto on some commonly used Android versions and some popular mobile devices as of the publication date, using a renowned communication service provider. Anoto does not warrant the Live SDK for Android functionality on any mobile device running compatible Android versions. It is the developer’s responsibility to verify functionality of the final product on the target device within the target environment. Anoto disclaims all liabilities for potential issues in relation hereto. Please contact Anoto for further information on what Anoto has tested.

Last Updated: 2018-04-20 17:49:28 UTC
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