2016-12-08 - Anoto Live Forms 4.5.1 General Availability

Anoto Live Forms Server & Windows Client Release Information

December 8th, 2016

We are pleased to announce today the release of Anoto Live™ Forms 4.5.1 and Anoto Live Forms™ for Windows 4.5.1.  This server and windows client update provides several new features and various bug fixes and improvements  :-

Anoto Live Forms

  • Added ability to copy/paste fields in the design tool.
  • Added new mandatory field option for checkbox groups.
  • Improved internal stroke storage to increase processing speed of large files.
  • Updated the default MySQL max packet size to 16Mb to allow for larger queries and STF2 data.
  • Fixed a problem where mixing a Send pidget with a docking form would sometimes generate an "unknown pattern address" error message.
  • Fixed a rare problem whereby the response cache wasn't cleaned up correctly if the processing time took longer than 8hrs.
  • Fixed a bug where a checkbox group value was not set if mandatory fields were not filled in.
  • Fixed a problem caused by erroneous strokes being received from NaturalForms Enterprise.

Anoto Live Forms for Windows

  • Added ability to right-click a document and open directly in the Viewer.
  • Fixed a problem with strokes being discarded even if deletion from the pen was reported as failed.
  • Moved the temporary file storage from the OS default to the installation folder.
  • Improved memory handling of large stroke files.
  • Improved logging.

Access to new releases

The Anoto Live Forms server may be downloaded from the Anoto secure product folder located at http://cloud.anoto.com by any partner with a valid Anoto Live Forms System Sales and License Agreement (ALF-SSLA).

For the Anoto Live Forms for Windows client, please refer to the Downloads section of the Anoto Live Forms area of the Anoto support portal (https://support.anoto.com).

XMS Partners may refer to the XMS Penvision Partner Portal for all of the above product downloads.

End users should contact your Anoto partner representative for further information.  If you are a direct client of Anoto, please review the Anoto Live Forms Upgrade Policy.

Please contact your Anoto representative if you have any questions regarding your agreement.  For any product related questions, please add a support ticket at http://support.anoto.com and we will be happy to assist you.

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