2016-06-17 - Anoto Live Forms 4.5 Release Information

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of Anoto Live™ Forms (ALF) platform, v4.5.  ALF 4.5 represents a host of improvements and updates including :-

  • An updated handwriting recognition (HWR) engine
  • Improved access to GPS location data from mobile devices
  • New font style support in event handlers
  • Additional options for document pre-population creation
  • Rebranded supporting software including
    • Anoto Live Forms for Windows
    • Anoto Live Forms for Android
    • Anoto Live Forms for iOS
    • Anoto Live Forms PrintProcessor
  • Various performance improvements and bug fixes.


With the release of ALF 4.5, we are also taking the opportunity to harmonise product and license pricing across both Anoto Live Forms and XMS Penvision Formidable products.  Please refer to your relevant sales contact for more information, or alternatively check the partner portal appropriate to your sales agreement (https://portal.penvision.com or https://partner.anoto.com)

Access to new releases

  • The Anoto Live Forms server may be downloaded from the Anoto secure product folder located at http://cloud.anoto.com by any partner with a valid ALF Sales and License Agreement (ALF-SSLA)
  • For the Anoto Live Forms for Windows client and PrintProcessor software, please refer to the Downloads section of the Anoto Live Forms area of the Anoto support portal (https://support.anoto.com).
  • For the Anoto Live Forms for iOS and Android applications, please refer to the respective App stores.
  • XMS Partners may refer to the XMS Penvision Partner Portal for all of the above product downloads.


Please contact your Anoto representative if you have any questions regarding your agreement.  For any product related questions, please add a support ticket at http://support.anoto.com and we will be happy to assist you.

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