Printing - Printing more than 32 pages on A3 pattern

We are getting following message when printing a A3 form with 33 pages (or more):
pattern::getBookletsLeft pagesPerBook=32 booksPerShel=121 bookletsPerBook=0 bookletsPerShef=0 bookletsLeft=0

Yet, there's plenty of pattern associated with the form.

It is correct that the maximum page amount for a single form is 256 up to portrait A3 and 32 pages for A3 landscape and bigger. It is the same for copied and unique pattern. You can only print the amount of pages available in the book; a slight limitation when printing using A2 and A0. The maximum number of pages you can print per print-job in this case is 32 and then you need to create a new job for the next batch of the same amount or less than 32 pages.The rule is not for ALF but for all pattern use and has been decided upon by Anoto.

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