Trouble resending Formidable data using ALF for Windows

When sending Formidable data using the ALF client, all data in the penData-folder is being sent but some data has already been sent by Formidable. We want to only send data from the penData-folder that has not been previously sent (due to some errors). How can we identify data in the penData-folder that has not been sent (due to error)?

Please also explain the process of re-sending of data through ALF client. Is there any possibility to re-send already successfully sent data from the penData-folder? After starting to send data from ALF, the penData-folder is automatically cleared but some mail has arrived after successfully sending some data. It worked before.

Please ensure that you only have the Formidable or the ALF client installed. If both are installed, please uninstall the Formidable client. This will prevent both applications attempting to capture pen data and causing data duplication or other errors.
When pen data is extracted, it is placed in the penData-folder. Entries in the application window are then iterated through, each one referring to one of these files and a form contained within it. If the submission is successful, the referenced file is removed. If the submission fails, the file is left there so that it can be resent at a later point in time.

I would not advise blindly picking up data from the Formidable penData-folder for use in the ALF client without an understanding as to why it failed in the first place. Doing this could result in documents receiving strokes which have already been processed. This leads to duplicated data in the recognition fields and larger PDFs.

If there are files in the Formidable penData-folder still, they haven't been submitted because of an error. 

To identify the issue with these files, the contents of that folder as well as the associated logs folder should be supplied to the Anoto Support-team. We can then work backwards to see what has happened and if these strokes still need to be processed.

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