Pen will not accept activation

Customer tries to use a new pen and when they click the send pidget, the ALF client reports an error message 'Pen requires administrative action'

Symptom: Pen has been added to the server and appears in the 'New Device' list. when an attempt is made to activate the pen, Checkpoint reports that the pen has already been activated and has been removed from the list of pens that will be activated.

Solution: Go through the activation process and ignore the warning in Checkpoint about the pen being already activated. Continue with the activation process and import the activation file into the server.

Repeat the process again and this time around, you should be able to allocate a license file to the pen and subsequently, when you import the activation file for a second time, the pen will move from the 'New devices' list to the 'Devices' list. The user should now be able to upload their forms. 

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