Anoto Live Forms Upgrade Policy

From time-to-time we release new versions of our software. Although its not necessary to always upgrade, we generally advise partners and customers to do so simply because it means you are always on the latest platform with the most up-to-date features, functionality and bug fixes.

Depending on your contract with Anoto, the availability of any update is as follows :

  • Partners: If you have a software sales and licensing agreement with Anoto, you can download the latest versions of Anoto Live Forms and associated software from the secure transfer system at
  • End users: Access to the client software is available in the downloads section at downloads section. For server upgrades, see below.

In cases where Anoto provides access to a shared Anoto Live Forms system, it is our policy to automatically upgrade our service whenever a new version of software is released. We will always provide you with two weeks notice and conduct the upgrade out of normal business hours (GMT). When conducting a server update, we carry out the following processes :

  1. The server is taken offline and a full backup including all user and form data is taken.
  2. Pre-installation checks are carried out to ensure the health of the system
  3. The new package is installed and post installation checks carried out
  4. The system is brought back up and 

Where you have a dedicated instance (hosted or locally installed), the decision whether to upgrade or not is yours. We will not automatically upgrade it for you. If you decide you want to upgrade and require our assistance, you should log a service request ticket at

All services are provided at our normal contracted hourly rates.

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