Live Pen™ 1 - Troubleshooting

Describes how troubleshooting the Live Pen™ 1 (DP-201) can be performed. The first part is for troubleshooting the pen when it is still with the customer, and the second part for when you have physical access to the pen.

Initial troubleshooting check-list for Live Pen™ 1

For more information on how to perform the following steps, see the troubleshooting guide.

Check the pen’s appearance

  • Are there any cracks or defects on the pen shell or cap?
  • Is the lens dirty or blurred?
  • Has the pen been exposed to liquid/water?

Problems related to the ink refill

  • Does the ink refill or pen show signs of ink leakage?
  • Is the ink refill bent?
  • Does the ink refill have the correct size?

Check pressure sensor and IR-camera

  • Write on a blank paper, without Anoto pattern. Does the power LED turn off?
  • Write on a paper with Anoto pattern. Only the power LED shall be active, and increase in intensity when the pen is writing on the paper.

Check connection and synchronization to PC via USB

  • Check that the synchronization software is installed on the PC.
  • Is the pen recognized by the synchronization software when connecting via USB?
  • Does the synchronization software indicate successful data synchronization when the pen is docked to the PC?
  • How is the synchronization performed? Automatically or manually?
  • Is more than one software for synchronization installed on the PC?
  • Is there any data in the pen?
  • Can the pen be synchronized using another PC?

Check connection and synchronization to a device via Bluetooth

  • Can the pen be discovered by the device when trying to pair using Bluetooth?
  • Can other pens be discovered by the same device when trying to pair using Bluetooth?
  • What Bluetooth stack is used? Anoto DP-201 supports Microsoft and Widcomm Bluetooth stacks.
  • After sending via Bluetooth from the paper, is there a long angry buzz or three short buzzes indicating everything is ok?
  • Can the pen be synchronized using another device?

Check battery

  • Has the pen been charged?
  • For how long?
  • Have you tried to charge using a different USB port or cradle?
  • Connect the pen to a PC using the cradle and USB cable Are all three LED indicators active? The battery LED should begin to pulse. If the LED in the middle is not activated, then there is not sufficient power provided from the USB port. In this case try to switch to another USB port.
  • Is the pen connected to a USB hub? If the USB hub does not have an external power supply it may not provide sufficient power to charge the pen.
  • Is the cradle connected to a USB hub? Try to connect the cradle directly to a USB port on the computer instead.
  • Charge the pen for 30 minutes at minimum. Does it power up correctly afterwards?
  • Remove the pen from the cradle and put the cap on. Is the pen turned off?
  • Remove the cap; does the pen vibrate with a short buzz?

Firmware issue

  • Check FW version

Reset the pen

  • Have you tried to reset the pen (will restart the pen)
  • Have you tried master reset (will delete all data stored and restart the pen with factory settings)

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