Network SDK for Java - Getting started

Getting started with the Network SDK for Java
In this section you will find some basic examples on how to work with Anoto's Network SDK for Java. The examples are intended to be a guide on how to implement some of the fundamental features for receiving and processing different kinds of stroke data and attachments.
If you are having trouble running any of these examples, make sure that you have placed the pen_API_SDK.jar and servlet-api.jar so that it can be reached by the application.
NOTE: The examples might be created for older versions of the SDKs but they may still be useful. Read the "Legal Notice" before starting to use these examples.
Developing a simple application service handler
This exemplifies how to create a rudimentary application service handler (ASH) for processing PGC files based on unique pattern.
For more information click here.

Developing a simple application service handler servlet
This example describes how to implement an ASH as a servlet. Servlets makes it possible to receive and process pen data as HTTPS requests on a web server.
For more information click here.

How to develop a Pad listener
Not fully explained in details but ready to run. Download the source code from here.

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