My pen is not sending any forms or vibrating

  1. Question
    My pen didn't vibrate when the lid was removed.

    The pen's battery might not be charged.
    Check the LED lights on top of pen. If all are off, then place pen in the docking cradle and charge the pen. If urgent use is required, a charge of 20–30 minutes will give one hour's use. 
    If the device has been charged for 4 hours or more and still does not turn on, please contact your local IT team or Anoto.
  2. Question
    My pen is charged but is not sending any forms or vibrating. All lights appear correctly.

    If the pen is not responding then a soft reset may be required. On the underside of the pen is a small circular recess. Remove the lid from the pen and insert a safety clip or sharp pencil for about 2-3 seconds. This will perform a soft reset of the pen and any data stored within the pen WILL NOT be lost.
    If error continues contact your local IT team or Anoto.

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