My Live Pen™ 1 will not hold its charge

My pen doesn't hold it's charge, what do I do?

There are a variety of checks which can be performed on the pens before contacting your local IT Service Desk or Anoto. As the pens have been designed to be robust, it is seldom a problem with the pen battery and its ability to hold a charge.

  • Dock the pen in its cradle and leave it to charge overnight, if you are using a PC or laptop with the cradle rather than the plug charger. When connected, the PC or laptop MUST be left powered on and not in a hibernate or sleep state. The PC does not provide power to connected devices in any other state than "on".
  • In addition, if you are using a laptop, ensure that it is using its power supply and not the battery as this may not provide sufficient charging capacity to the pen.
  • On returning in the morning, remove the pen from the cradle and check that the indicators are lit. Place the pen lid on the pen. The indicators should turn off.
    If the indicators remain lit, repeat this process with a different pen lid.
  • If this lid doesn't turn the LED indicators off, it is likely that the small magnets present in the pen lid are either missing or damaged. These magnets are used to control the internal on/off switch of the pen. You will need to log a support call with your local IT Service desk or with Anoto to request a new lid, making a note of the pen ID, the pen model and the purchase date (if known). Depending on the age of the pen, the lid may be replaced under warranty. Anoto will check our pen records to confirm the provided information and either ship a new lid to you or request payment for a new one.
  • If the pen indicator lights do turn off when you apply your own lid, but the pen has not been used in a while, the internal battery capacity will have decreased, leading to a shorter life. You can "refresh" this life to a certain extent by leaving the pen to charge, then using it until flat. Once flat, place the pen on charge again. Repeat the process. This will not return the pen battery to its former full charge capacity, but will help to increase the overall life and is called "charge-cycling".
  • Should all of the above instructions have been completed without success, you will need to open a returns ticket (RMA) and provide the pen ID, model and purchase date (if known). We will check these details against our records and either provide a new pen under the pen warranty agreement, or request authorisation for payment for a replacement pen and licence.

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