Within the Mobile Router on Sending form the “communication error” appears

Within the Mobile Router on Sending the form, a “communication error” appears.

This relates to the Bluetooth communication between the Pen and your mobile device.

In the first instance, unpair and then re-pair your digital pen to your mobile device via our application. Once the Bluetooth connection is successfully established, re-send your form(s).
If they're still not uploading via Bluetooth then dock your pen via the Windows router at the earliest opportunity to get all form(s) off the pen. Once all forms have been uploaded check the mobile App and ensure no "awaiting data" status is seen. If no error is seen, uninstall the app and re-install from your app store (NOTE: if any data is stored in the app, the data will be lost!)
Once re-installed, pair your digital pen via the app and start to upload forms as per usual.

Anoto will not take any responsibility if data is lost by users uninstalling the application.

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